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9 Tips to Rent Equipment for Your Party

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Incorporating party rentals into your gatherings is an excellent way to establish the theme of the night. Items such as a photo booth, inflatable playhouse or a cotton candy machine can make all the difference at your party. Check out these four tips to help you with the party equipment rental process!

1. Start By Making A List Of Your Needs

The importance of making a list can’t be stressed enough. Making a list helps you avoid overspending, ensures you don’t miss anything and makes it easy to organize your thoughts and ideas. Your party list needs to be tailored to the type of party and age of people attending. If both kids and adults are at your party, then you need to make sure there are activities to keep both groups busy. If you’re planning an exclusively corporate event, no one wants to show up to see inflatable units (at least they won’t admit it). Starting with your list will make the planning process significantly easier.

2. Plan For The Unexpected

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, something almost always goes wrong. Instead of playing catch up, make sure to plan for the unexpected. If you’re hosting a party outside, consider renting a tarp in case it starts to rain. If you’re hosting an outdoor party with lots of food, makes sure you have the proper tools to prevent the food from spoiling in the sun and plenty of garbage and recycling containers. If you’re relying on party rentals such as inflatable units or a photobooth, get them delivered at least the day before.

3. Get Familiar With The Terminology

When renting party equipment, there are some terms you need to be familiar with. Knowing these terms will make it easier to interview and select a party rental company that can adequately serve your needs.

4. Rental Deposit

Most party rental companies require a deposit of at least a third of the total equipment cost. Most companies require a deposit in order to hold your reservation.

5. Custom Delivery

Custom delivery arrangements allow you find the best way the party rental company can help you. Maybe you only need help with assembly before the event but not after. Custom deliveries allow you to make arrangements that work for both sides.

6. Inventory

Anything you rent from a party rental company will be called inventory. Anything from chairs, banquet tables, tents, portable bars, and gazebos are considered inventory.

7. Tailgate Delivery

Tailgate delivery is a service where the party rental company brings you all the equipment and unloads the inventory out of the truck. With tailgate delivery, it’s your responsibility to set everything up after it’s been unloaded.

8. Set Up/Tear Down

Set up/tear down is exactly what it sounds like. The party rental company delivers all the inventory, unpacks and assembles all the items. Once your event is done, they’ll come back, take everything down and return the equipment to the store.

9. Get Familiar With Vendors Before Making A Final Choice

It’s important to get familiar with your equipment vendor before making a final decision. Disaster situations can be avoided by doing your due diligence and being picky with you who decide to work with. Before placing an order, ask to inspect the inventory that you’re interested in.

Check to see if it’s in good condition and look for any dents, dings or scuffs. It’s important to note existing flaws on the equipment, so you aren’t blamed once the equipment is returned. It’s definitely worth your time to check the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau and with previous clients.


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