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Five Types of Positions That a Staffing Agency Can Fill for You

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Staffing agencies offer services that bring the best talent directly to you. Instead of wading through hundreds of CVs and wasting your time conducting interviews for miscellaneous positions such as a general labourer, you get to focus on your business.

1. IT

Hiring for information technology positions can be a doozy. If you’re not familiar with the area you’re trying to hire for, you could end up asking all of the wrong questions during the interview process. There are so many programs that offer degrees and certifications in IT, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

An applicant could easily fib on their CV and claim to have an education from a particular program, and you’d be none the wiser if you don’t have the time to call and verify their credentials. A staffing agency can easily identify which applicants would excel in your cybersecurity department and which ones are more suited for general technical support.

2. Administration

You’ve got way too much paperwork to do. Maybe it’s time that you hired an administrative assistant. Do you know what qualities you want in an office assistant? Are you familiar with what makes a good secretary? Do you even know how fast typing 60 wpm is?

When you employ a staffing agency, they will locate the top talents in administration on the job market today. They’ll take all of the paperwork involved with recruiting and interviewing new prospects, leaving you more time to focus on what actually matters.

3. Labourers

Are you looking to hire a general labourer? While the title does have general in it, you will need to have a clear picture of what your labourer will be doing. If you’re looking for someone to staff your warehouse or work on an assembly line, you need to make sure that they have prior experience operating similar equipment.

Hiring someone who is inexperienced could result in workplace accidents that injure the person and hurt your business. Staffing agencies can bring you potential employees who are experienced and willing to work hard. The Global Human Resource Centre website has the available resources if you would like to learn more.

4. Management

It’s hard enough being in management, and hiring someone for a management position is exhausting. You have to interview them rigorously to determine if they are an applicable fit for the job. Instead of doing all of the awkward interview processes yourself, why not hire a staffing agency to do it for you? It will take some stress off of you, and you can be confident you’ll only receive the best candidate.

5. Human Resources

Human resources is a growing field and most companies are requiring their human resources staff to have a proper education in the field. If you don’t want to spend all day on the hold with the local college to determine if your interviewee is being honest about their credentials, you should look to a staffing agency.

The staffing agency is highly skilled at verifying CV information and they have the resources to get the verification process completed more quickly than you can. Time is money, and hiring a staffing agency will save you a lot of time.


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