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5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean in Winter

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With the winter weather just right around the corner, it is time to refresh your memory on how to keep the cold weather outside and your office clean and free of dirt. Keeping office floors clean can be a very difficult task, especially if you have multiple people walking through your office on a daily basis. Though, it is very important to keep a clean office in order to present your business as clean, prepared, and professional.

The following are the top 5 tips for office cleaning during the winter weather.

1. Use doormats both inside and outside

The first step to preventing winter weather from entering the office is using an outdoor doormat. Use a tough, bristle mat outside of your office to quickly remove any build up on the shoes and excess moisture. Also, make sure to use an inside doormat to collect any additional moisture that may have clung onto the winter boots. Have some fun with these doormats and consider placing a company logo or office saying on them.

2. Vacuum the salt

The salt that will be brought into your office from shoes can be quite damaging. If you have carpet flooring, the salt will stain and tarnish the colour of the fabric. Likewise, if you have hardwood flooring or tile, the salt can scratch the finishing. It is best to vacuum the floors at least once daily to remove the salt and protect your flooring. If you do notice a stain, try and remove it immediately by scrubbing it with warm water and vinegar.

3. Clean the windows

With frequent winter storms, it may be tempting to skip this part of the cleaning regime. However, the ample number of storms is why cleaning your windows is crucial. Dirty windows look cloudy and present your office as gloomy and unmaintained. If you clean the windows regularly, a more natural light will come in, creating a positive, professional atmosphere. Ensure to hire a professional window cleaning service, especially during the winter months, as this can be a dangerous job.

4. Always disinfect

Along with the winter weather comes the winter cold. This is a difficult time for offices because once one person gets sick it becomes a chain reaction. The only way to combat the flu season from affecting the entire office is to constantly disinfect. This includes hands, door handles, keyboards, phones, railings – anything you can get your hands on. Though a proper disinfection needs to be done regularly to kill all germs, consider placing disinfectant wipes throughout the office for employee use.

5. Suggest indoor footwear

Some may feel that asking employees to bring alternative footwear to work is rude and unaccommodating. However, this can make a huge difference in your office cleanliness, especially during the winter months. If the majority of employees commute to work, suggesting alternate footwear should not be a problem. Most people prefer to wear winter footwear outside and something dry and light inside. Suggesting indoor footwear will save the hassle of salt stains, excess moisture, and slush from entering your office.

Having a clean office is a crucial part of maintaining a professional reputation for your business. With proper maintenance and a little more attention, the winter weather should not be a problem. Consider investing in a professional cleaning service if the upkeep is too time-consuming or if your office has a lot of foot traffic. This investment can save you time and give you peace of mind that your office will always be well represented.


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