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Kia is launching its high performance car, the new pro_cee'd GT. To tag at its target group, young connected people, the brand developed a mobile racing game where the user can create a unique 3D race track by simply moving its smartphone through the air. He/she can then send the track as a challenge to his/her Facebook friends and submit it on the app.

Country: Germany
Company: Kia

Teleclub, a pay TV channel in Switzerland, promoted its service with this simple message: no disturbing ads. The company therefore used billboards and printed out their background on it, to make it look transparent. Great idea!


Country: Switzerland
Company: Teleclub

This is probably the best commercial for butter you will see today. The guys at Lurpak Cook's Range definitely know how to transform cooking into an epic and exciting adventure. Video playing in 3, 2, 1...


Country: USA
Company: Lurpak Cook's Range

The organization Testicular Cancer Canada chose to tackle the subject of testicular cancer and self-exam with humor. They filmed about twenty men getting waxed down under, before and during the waxing. The message: expose your nuts because cancer is way more painful!

Country: Canada
Organization: Testicular Cancer Canada

When you make noise during a movie at the movie theater, you become part of it, in a way. Coca Cola decided to demonstrate this literally. The brand filmed the audience during the break while they were drinking a Coke. When the film started, people could see themselves in the movie, not only disturbing their close neighbors but the whole audience. The action must have been hilarious for those concerned. 


Country: Danemark
Company: Coca Cola

numéro10 is setting up a social media campaign for the Swiss insurance company Atupri as part of a redesign. The more fans and shares there are, the more prices. Six prices can be won in total : Wellness tickets, a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery, a fitness subscription, a relooking session, a smartbox and a photo class. The whole contest is hosted on an app. 

You can check out the new page and participate here

Country: Switzerland
Company: Atupri

Pepsi Max surprises passers-by with an amazing augmented reality experience at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London. From lions to flying saucers, commuters certainly were entertained for a few minutes.
The message : "Pepsi Max brings you the unbelievable".

Country: UK
Company: PepsiCo